Contrast Collective

Contrast Collective is a Vancouver based creative organization and print publication that facilitates opportunity for marginalized artists.

Their aim to “contrast the ordinary” by helping POC artists stand out from the norm is echoed visually through the wordmark, moiré graphic elements and colour palette.

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→ Visually, moiré patterns are used to demonstrate "contrasting the ordinary", with their irregular and nonuniform textures.
→ Where the two parts of the moiré pattern meet, act as a metaphor for the intersection of background, ethnicities, and culture.
→ Contrast is created in the wordmark by combining two different fonts; a sans-serif and a serif.

→ In the same way that italics allow titles to stand out from the surrounding sentence, the italics in the wordmark represent POC voices standing out from the surrounding norm.

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lendlab billboard




Graphic Design



The Zoo

Graphic Design

Aburi Tora

UI/UX Design

Companion Magazine

Editorial Design

Booooooom Publication

Editorial Design